Connect and train change makers with regenerative design tools to develop social-impact projects in service to coordinated culture shifts.



Patterns of the natural world can shape the way we organize our movements. They point to holistic integration of personal self-care, professional growth, and mutually supportive network building as a key to long-term resilience. With regenerative design tools, you can design a thriving life filled with the rituals that nourish you while delivering the high impact work you were meant to do.

The Regenerative Design for Changemakers (RDCM) training uses the social permaculture design process, mindfulness techniques, and creativity to support participants in designing a regenerative, holistic, plan for their projects and themselves in a way that avoids burnout--integrating radical self care with professional growth. Together, we build a supportive network of changemakers skilled with regenerative frameworks in service to a coordinated culture shift.

The training draws on frameworks from:

  • whole systems thinking
  • social justice

  • permaculture design

  • ecological regeneration

  • mindfulness & self-care

Concrete tools include:

  • Regenerative design process for developing a change making project
  • Social permaculture frameworks based on patterns in nature

  • Personal regeneration and radical self-care commitments

  • Incorporating regular practices of artistry, mindfulness, and rituals from our lineages into our work and personal lives