Lead a more effective and balanced life, and avoid burnout, by proactively creating a life plan to help you do the work you’re meant to do.


Connect and train change makers with regenerative design tools to develop social-impact projects in service to coordinated culture shifts.

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Patterns of the natural world can shape the way we organize our movements. They point to holistic integration of personal self-care, professional growth, and mutually supportive network building as a key to long-term resilience.

The social permaculture design process, mindfulness techniques, and creativity supports training participants in designing holistic, regenerative plans for their change-making projects and themselves in a way that avoids burnout while integrating radical self-care with their world-changing Purpose(s).

With regenerative design tools, you can design a thriving life filled with the rituals that nourish you while delivering the high impact work you were meant to do.





  • Whole Systems Thinking

  • Social Justice

  • Permaculture Design

  • Ecological Regeneration

  • Mindfulness & Self-care



  • Regenerative Design Process

  • Social Permaculture Frameworks

  • Inner Landscape & Lifestyle Design Tools

  • Nested Wholes & Fractal Thinking

  • Linking Our Lineages w Our Purpose



Who should take the training?

RDCM Training is well-suited for social change makers, permaculture design course graduates, educators, artists, community leaders, and institutional decision-makers. 

Priority seats given to participants of Color and Indigenous participants.


Experience the Social Design Lab

Bring a current or new project to develop using the regenerative design process during the Social Design Lab portions of the training.


Concentric Rings of Influence

Participants can share the tools and frameworks with their home organizations and communities, supported by the Regenerative Design for Change Makers Guidebook.


Concert Finale

Each two-day training will end with a concert by Jasmine Fuego, poetry by Abrah Dresdale, and feature local artists.

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Jasmine Fuego and Abrah Dresdale, who in their facilitation draw from the wells of their Afro-Nicaraguan and Jewish ancestral lineages respectively, create a rich culture of inclusion.



Abrah Dresdale, M.A., is an educator, curriculum designer, group facilitator, and a cultural shift consultant in the fields of social permaculture, prison food justice, Jewish earth-based traditions, and organizational regeneration. Abrah is on Faculty in the Sustainable Food and Farming program at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies. She served as the David Bird Ecological Design Fellow to India, Africa Conflict Transformation Fellow to Rwanda, and as a solicited presenter for the Siach Vision 2022 Conference in Jerusalem. As a cultural artist dedicated to justice, she is well versed in anti-oppression work, restorative justice, and teaches co-counseling with an emphasis on eliminating racism. She holds a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Landscape Design and is author of Regenerative Design for Change Makers: A Social Permaculture Guidebook. Abrah is a spoken word poet and a believer in the power of words to shape and collectively call forth our future into being...

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Jasmine Fuego is an East Bay based musician, event curator, social permaculture facilitator, and youth mindfulness educator. She is a bridge builder who focuses her myriad skill set on the intersection of how art and mindfulness can be used to catalyze social and environmental engagement. She received her permaculture training at the Mesoamerican Permaculture Institute (IMAP) and the Regenerative Design Institute (RDI). She has facilitated and taught alongside esteemed educators such as Penny Livingston, Pandora Thomas, and StarHawk.In 2014, she co-founded the Permaculture Action Network, where she now sits on the advisory board and is currently the co-director of Regenerative Design for Change Makers, an organization that takes ecological design principles and applies them to organizational development.

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“Jasmine and Abrah’s energy and enthusiasm for helping change makers do their work effectively and for the long-haul is electric!”

EFFIE rawlings, UC BERKELEY gill tract farm

“I believe your ‘stacking the deck’ to make sure there were majority people of Color and folks working cross-sector who ‘design’ in society for change and justice without being expressed ‘permaculturalists’ was really powerful. Making sure that your course requires DIVERSITY makes it unique.”

Ashara Ekandayo, Impact Hub Oakland

"[The training] really brought focus to part of my personal and professional practice that I need/want to pay more attention to and spend more time cultivating; and helped me see the links between that and how I show up in my work, and what that ultimately means for the values I care deeply about in terms of resisting oppression and nurturing shared power." 

Mohamad Chakaki, Center for whole communities

“I feel a faith in my work that was not present when I walked in...It gave me a confidence in my capacity to make change and create...The presence of people of Color made this a unique experience of learning about regenerative design. I felt safer to share and mirrored in the feedback. I felt hope seeing us together and supporting one another. This does not feel common in the eco-movement.”

Jazmin Calderon, Weaving Earth & Planting Justice